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About the Plan

The Master Plan Process consists of the following steps:

  1. Identify Opportunities and Challenges;
  2. Develop the Community Vision and Goals;
  3. Develop Recommendations;
  4. Develop the Implementation Plan; and
  5. Prepare the final Master Plan.

Step 1:
Identify Opportunities and Challenges

In this phase, the Team will develop an understanding of critical opportunities and challenges in Pembroke and create a shared vision for the Town’s future. Research on baseline conditions, stakeholder interviews, and public engagement will serve as a basis for future planning.

Step 2:
Develop the Community Vision and Goals

The visioning process is a crucial step in setting the stage for developing the Master Plan and providing direction to decision- and policy-making organizations within the community. Building on Step 1, the Team will facilitate a community discussion on the Community Vision for the future of Pembroke. Goals will be developed to support the achievement of this vision.

Step 3:
Develop Recommendations

In Step 3, specific strategies and projects will be identified to support the achievement of the Community Vision and associated goals. The Team will identify strategies based on Steps 1 and 2's findings and consider each's benefits and trade-offs. Following Massachusetts general law, recommendations will support several elements, including Land Use, Housing, Economic Development, Cultural/Historical Resources, Environment/Sustainability, Transportation, and Public Facilities.

Step 4:
Develop the Implementation Plan

Following Step 3, an implementation plan will be developed that will help the Town meet its planning goals and objectives. The implementation plan is one of the most important components of the Plan, as its clarity, level of accountability, and ability to be tracked for evaluating progress will determine the success of the Plan.

Step 5:
Develop the final Master Plan

The final step of the planning process involves the finalization of the Master Plan elements and the presentation of the Plan to the Planning Board, Select Board, and community at large. The Pembroke Master Plan will be a living document requiring periodic review and updating. The Master Plan will be an actionable tool used throughout municipal operations and planning and a transparent document available to the public.