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Final Master Plan Posted NEW

The final Pembroke Master Plan document is available below and on the Documents webpage.

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Welcome to the Pembroke Master Plan website!

The Town of Pembroke is undertaking the development of a Master Plan in accordance with Massachusetts statutes relating to master plans (M.G.L. ch.1 §81D). This process will be community driven with a focus on broad public engagement, guided by a Master Plan Collaboration Committee comprised of a diverse group of municipal and community representatives.

This Master Plan will update the data and information presented in the Town’s 2004 Community Development Plan, along with other recently completed strategic planning documents (e.g., 2022 Open Space and Recreation Plan). These updates will position Pembroke for success over the next 10-15 years, identify key goals and objectives, and establish a well-defined roadmap to navigate change.

Please revisit this website for updates regarding community engagement opportunities and plan development.